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Bitcoin Trading Mastery

A comprehensive crypto trading course with a growing community for those that want to pursue their crypto passion

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Exclusive access to our premium videos and resources
Simple to follow Bitcoin and blockchain 101 education
Safety, security and peace at mind
Important crypto trading tips for maximum profits
Learn to read charts and understand market trends
See our favorite coins and peek inside our portfolio

It’s Time To Stop Guessing How To Trade Bitcoin and Learn From The Experts…

Gain LIFETIME Access to a LIFE CHANGING Crypto Education & Mastermind Chat Group

Did you know Bitcoin was the best performing asset in the last decade?

50,000%+ gains for those that got in early!

Before anyone was talking about

Did you know there are thousands of other coins with the same earning potential?

That practically nobody is talking about now.

Several of the coins we have chosen to trade since 2014 have seen astronomical gains, to the tune of 10,000%, 25,000%, and 75,000%.

Imagine if you knew how to research coins and make calculated bets that could yield results like that?

Our team of crypto experts and professional traders have created the ultimate crypto education and trading course so anyone can now start profiting from the exploding digital money space.

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From Bitcoin Beginner To Crypto Trading Mastery.

Look At Everything You Get With Beginner Level Access…

Bitcoin & Blockchain 101

If you are entirely new to Bitcoin, don’t worry, we have the exact course for you. We have a tremendous resource center with Bitcoin and blockchain information so you can become fully educated on the growing crypto arena before you even dive into trading.

It’s powerful when you understand what you are investing + trading on a higher level.  We help you with that!

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Getting Started With Bitcoin

The first step for every crypto trader is getting bitcoin.  We provide you with easy to follow video tutorials that will take you through the steps of buying bitcoin and securing your first crypto wallet with confidence.

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Trading Fundamentals

We believe in the importance of providing you with a solid foundation in understanding the fundamentals of analyzing markets and reading charts.

These eight videos are a great introduction to the ‘essentials’ of what you need to know about the crypto market before you can truly take your game to higher levels of success.

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Crypto HOT Picks & Exchange Training

We research + review dozens of coins and share our findings with our members.  With Beginner Level Access, we provide you with a sneak peek by giving you our top 20+ favorite coins that have performed incredibly over the years + a dash of newly released picks for the current year.  And we show you how to use your very first crypto exchange.

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    “If you ever wanted to know more about Bitcoin, or if you ever wondered how to make some extra money from this industry, I would seriously recommend Caleb Wright over and over again! Buy everything this guy puts out 100% X the value then what he charges!”

    Brian Varga

    “Caleb is one of those (with Patrick just below) who got me into the Bitcoin universe late 2015. The mini course may be useful to a lot of people but even better is the group access where like-minded people share their knowledge together, which is like to be part of a mastermind – and that’s priceless.”

    Steve Bourgeois

    “This course is truly amazing. It’s packed full of useful information that has been tested and proven to work. Mastering the knowledge Caleb has put together here could completely change your financial situation and your life.”

    Nick Wendell

Anne Kenney

Crypto Trader

Chris Rice Crypto

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Jacob Hubbard

Jacob Hubbard

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Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Membership

We offer two packages, depending on your current level of knowledge and budget. If you start with our Beginner Level, you can upgrade to Premium Level Access anytime for the difference in cost.

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Beginner Level Access – Limited time offer, price will go up

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The perfect beginner’s course that goes beyond the basics!

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The Ultimate Bitcoin Trading Course + Mastermind Community

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No monthly fees

Over delivers with value compared to other courses that sell for $5k+

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Have questions before you start?

Can I do this if I know absolutely nothing about bitcoin & cryptocurrencies?

Yes.  Our training is designed from the ground up for the complete crypto newbie who has never used bitcoin.  We will help you get your start with bitcoin & the crypto market starting with the basics, with easy to follow tutorial videos.

Do I need to be glued to a computer screen to be a successful crypto trader?

No.  Trading does not have to be a full time activity.  We provide you with crypto trading strategies that will suit your needs, whether you want to be an active ‘daytrader’ or a less active but super profitable investor level or swing trader.

Will I have any support on my crypto journey with Bitcoin Lifestyles Club?

Yes.  With access to our ‘Crypto Markets Mastermind’ chat group [hosted on the free Slack app], you will be able to learn from a powerful and experienced community.  Our mastermind group has been running since 2015 and has experienced traders from all over the world, sharing their research, analysis, and trading strategies.  You can also access me directly via private message on the app for help.

Do I need a lot of money to get started trading bitcoin & cryptocurrencies?

No.  You do not need a lot of money to get started with the crypto markets and start developing your success story.  We have had members who have started with as little as $200-$300 USD and multiplied their money many times over.

How will I know what coins to trade?

We only trade cryptocurrencies with the most robust fundamentals and chances for success in the marketplace, based on our market research since 2015.  We provide you with a curated list of the best crypto projects/trading opportunities the market has to offer. 

Why do I need your training and community?

We put you on the fast track to success with crypto, while helping you avoid the various potholes along the way, so you can ultimately maximize your profit.

Our training and community will keep you on track, so you don’t waste time making any of the common, money-losing mistakes that are made by so many crypto newbies. 


At BLC, we are simplifying crypto education and making it easier for ordinary people to participate and profit from the historical digital financial disruption. 

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